AP Tech - Software Costs & Prices

We have many standard software packages so please contact one of our software/sales professionals today so we can customize the very best system and price for you!  

Many of our clients start out with one package (Payday Loan) and 6 months later, may purchase the Title Loan package.  Others, purchase a combination system (Payday Loan + Title Loan), in either case, we give various discounts based on your specific needs, number of locations, etc.  We are very understanding and accommodating regarding initial start-up costs, in addition, we want your business! (when our competitors say NO, we say YES).

Additional Costs

The ONLY addtn'l costs for our software would be:

Network charge (to run our program on more than 1 PC).
Data Xfer Process (if you have other software, we will import that data directly into our systems as needed).

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